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About Us

TranceMag work with international DJs, labels, artists, producers & more. We offer you our time and resources to help promote your brand around the Internet. We work directly with you in order to help you increase your online exposure through digital marketing and social networking. We strive to become a well established, reputable business by providing a good service to those who need it most.

TranceMag was born from a love of music, and a desire to help link musicians who work hard, to people who appreciate the work they do. This is a service which is at the core of TranceMag; indeed this is the very definition of TranceMag. This is the way TranceMag has always, and will always work, the love of music and the passion to link quality musicians to quality listeners must always be at the fore. When it is, we find that people appreciate that and reward accordingly. If you work with TranceMag and share the same core values, and follow this approach, then you will find yourself naturally rewarded, as TranceMag is an efficient vector to showcase both your talent in what you do, and your love of music. If you do not take this approach, then TranceMag simply will not work for you.

TranceMag is a helpful collection of music lovers who utilize various publishing channels to share their love of music. Contact: info@TranceMag.com

ARTIST: You, we do all of this for you, and for the music you make. We listen, we review, we share, promote, push, network.. frankly everything we do is about finding great new music and sharing it with those that appreciate it most. We have a broad readership both on and off site, a plethora of direct and indirect marketing avenues, covering both traditional and digital media. Trust us, if you love music as much as we do, we’ll do everything we can to push you and your productions to as many eyes and ears as possible.

LABEL: TranceMag appreciate that as a Label, the right promotion is mission critical. Whether you have a general need for raised awareness, or specific campaigns that need handled, TranceMag will work hard to get your name and products in amongst the fans and consumers who’ll appreciate it the most. Through a mix of both direct and indirect marketing, focussing on the label as a brand or the individual Artists who may help build that brand, TranceMag can offer the cement to bind it all together in the broader social consciousness.

Press Releases
PR agencies, Artist Management,for the publishing of press releases or interview requests, mail us to press@trancemag.com

For features of upcoming releases (singles and albums), send your submission via box.trancemag.com

Producers, Labels for Guestmixes please mail us at info@trancemag.com

General Topic
For all other topics please send mail to info@trancemag.com