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[Review] Corin Bayley – New Wave

We have not taken a peek into the Recoverworld back yard in some time, but they’ve nonetheless been busy serving up some fantastic trancers. Such is the case with the newest offering from Discover Digital, by way of Warrington-based DJ & Producer Corin Bayley.

Marking his return to the Digital side of Discover’s imprint family after last year’s Just A Dream, Corin unleashes a massive uplifting beast dubbed New Wave, crafted with the hot summer days in mind.

Energy oozes from the entire arrangement as layer upon layer the track reveals itself, much to one’s listening delight. Razor sharp acids and timely filter sweeps keep you glued to the speakers, eager to experience the hook. Don’t worry, Corin is already two steps ahead of you on that.

Extraneous elements are dropped one by one, helping give a clear picture of the track’s main event. Euphoric synth stabs erupt from within New Wave’s lowest depths, and after a clever bit of pitch wizardry, we’re presented with the full extent of this production’s capabilities.

As with anything, a balanced approach is key, and this track certainly has nailed it. Having equal parts uplifting and beefed up acidic presence, any doubts of Corin Bayley’s newest offering not belonging on global dancefloors are shattered. As far as I’m concerned, this is a brilliant example of how a modern uplifter should sound.

If like me, you appreciate the sheer awesomeness of uplifters like this, you’ll love riding the New Wave all the way to its completion. While you’re at it, why not grab your copy from Beatport? For your convenience, it’s been placed right beneath the sample. 🙂

Out now on Beatport

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