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[Review] Daniel Lesden – Existence

Over a year ago, we had the pleasure to interview JOOF Recordings’ newest A&R, Daniel Lesden. Fast forward to the beginning of this year, and we get his long-awaited second artist album, 2000 Years Ahead on Digital Om Productions.

Following a few months of relative silence on the release front, we’re now presented with the latest psychedelic concoction straight from Daniel’s studio. Let’s take a peek at what Existence is all about.

First off, there’s some great news for those who enjoyed his album. As evidenced by both the title and the overall atmosphere, this latest psy slab explores a similar theme to 2000 Years Ahead. Its pulsating baseline anchors everything down, providing a heavy, near industrial spin on the regular flavour of psy.

Worthy of note is also the vocal sample used which, while difficult to pin down in terms of source, touches on the potential of civilization being a few millennia older than previously thought. The vocoder-like distortion applied to the vocal piece further accentuates a theme of technological advancement, a subject tackled in Daniel’s album as well.

Beyond the overt psychedelic tones of Existence, there are also some rather interesting effects and filter sweeps in use. There’s even what some would call a faint trace of Breaks in a certain part of the track – which I’m obviously not going to spoil the position of.

Concentrating on this as a sort of recurring element, an extended cut of the vocal sample present near the beginning shows up in the breakdown and reveals a little more context, singling out a period – “10,000 years ago”. Called the Holocene glacial retreat, this point in time refers to a rapid rise in global temperature, immediately following what is essentially an ice age.

In conclusion, Daniel’s newest single provides an interesting twist on what we’re already accustomed to hearing from him, and is completed by a rather interesting vocal locked within. I’d say it’s certainly worthy of inclusion in anyone’s music collection.

Oh and speaking of new things, you may notice Daniel’s got a nifty new logo to go with the equally nifty artwork. If that’s of less interest to you, make sure to grab the track from the Beatport link below.

Out now on: Beatport

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