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[Review] Eco-Wolves (Artist Album)

New Jersey native Marcello Pacheco, better know as Eco in the music world, has certainly had a journey these past few years. The journey has been to get his highly anticipated follow up artist album,”Wolves” into the hands of eager fans. Though it is common for many artist albums to go through a few changes or the slight delay in release, Wolves has been through much more than that. In production for over three years, Wolves has been delayed, shrouded in mystery at times, had its track list altered, and was even considered vaporware by some.

After three painful, long years of waiting,Wolves has at last seen the light of day, as it was released this month on October 14th. The burning question is, was it worth the three year wait? The answer is quite simply:Yes. Wolves is not just another artist album, its a musical story. Eco has created a visceral and enthralling experience that will immerse listeners into a world of amazement. From the opening track “Darkness In Light” to the albums closing track “The Lonely Soldier” Eco has created a fifteen track masterpiece that oozes with quality and atmosphere.

Though some may be turned off by the overall slower BPM of the album(Eco’s first album consisted mainly of high BPM material), it is highly advised to look past that. Even with the slower tempo, listeners will still be able to dance quite easily to the material on the album. Tracks such as Dogs(132 BPM), River Song(130BPM), Trust In the Wind(134 BPM, and featuring the talented Driftmoon), and of course Wolves(130 BPM) are all tracks that will work wonders in the club. Of course, those are only a few of the many other tracks that will work great in the club atmosphere.

With all the delays and changes, one may have thought that Wolves wouldn’t have delivered(that is mostly the case with many other long delayed products). However Eco has both delivered and beaten expectations, Wolves has delivered a visceral, epic journey that first response buyers will be telling their future kin about. Will some still be letdown or disappointed? Of course. With album garnering that much hype, of course some will still say it wasn’t up to their expectations. Those who say that however should be far and few between.

It’s been a long three year wait,but Eco’s sophomore artist album delivers on all fronts. Fans of Eco will feel right at home with the “Wolves” album. New listeners will be immediately be taken by this album’s atmospheric presentation. In a world filled with lackluster and cheesy Trance albums, Eco is one of the few that stands out and brings quality.


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