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[Review] John Askew – Vandalism (Vlind Remix)



Seven years have passed since John Askew unleashed his tremendous Vandalism onto the speakers of unsuspecting listeners. Seven years in which the signature Discover sound of this melodic trance slab has resonated in homes, cars, and clubs the world over. I think the time is right for a refresh, and the folks at Recoverworld HQ seem to agree.

Navigating the obscure hallways of the lowest basement level, you can feel the walls vibrating, carrying a muffled sound forward. A heavy, padded door a few meters in front seems to be the source. Opening it, you uncover the latest in Discover Dark‘s ever growing back catalogue, courtesy of Mexico’s Vlind.

Throwing caution to the wind, the Mexican goes for a no holds barred approach, beefing up the low end. An acid drenched, razor sharp intro peels away to give center stage to a familiar melody line. The surreal vocal chop sprinkled break stands out nicely from the aggressive intro, providing a much needed moment of respite. However, its presence is short lived.

Police are becoming more and more convinced they have a serial vandal roaming the streets rings in your ears as this remix applies a sudden course correction. Airy, surreal atmosphere becomes hard edged tech flavour, as the acids come flooding in, with nary an obstacle to stop them.

Harder, faster and much, much darker than the original material ever was, this release is a savage reshuffling of an Askew classic. No wonder the man himself gave it the seal of approval.

If ever there was a track that needed a warning label, this would be it. By the way, we’re not responsible for your speeding fines.

Grab it at your own risk via the link below.

Out now on Beatport 

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