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[Review] Kyau & Albert – Matching Stories

The mighty Kyau & Albert return on point and better than ever with the announcement of Matching Stories, following a career of more than 20 years, the 5th studio album from the German duo, delivers their most versatile album to date.

Since the release of their first single as a duo, way back in the mid 90’s Kyau & Albert have been carving out a very special place within the hearts and minds of clubbers and DJ’s alike, formulating a sound that uniquely distinguishes the pair within a market filled with carbon copies.

Matching Stories continues where Distant lights left off, with the ability to reach out to a whole new generation of fans, yet beautifully perfecting the sound to which we have become accustomed and love.

Apart from incredible collaborations with  Adaja Black, Jeza, Hello Machines, In Gray, Francesco Sambero and Madeleine Wood which give the album outstanding diversity, and have been responsible for some of the most emotive singles, Matching Stories is laced with Albert’s trademark vocal presence, which never disappoints even when diving into German on tracks like Mein Herz.

Over all, the album is filled with all you’d expect from Kyau & Albert and so much more, if you’re looking for a solid Trance album, with the subtle addition of beautiful break beats and something slightly more progressive or open minded, Matching Stories is well worth the investment.

A signed CD incl all lyrics in the booklet at http://shop.euphonic.de

Matching Stories is out on 21 July 2017, and available for preorder right now Itunes


01 Memory Lane (2017 album version)
02 Mein Herz
03 About the Sun (2017 album version)
04 Love Letter from the Future [ft. Adaja Black] 05 Trace
06 Bring You Back [ft. Jeza] 07 Spüren
08 Changes [with Hello Machines] 09 What You’re About To Burn
10 DeLorean
11 Sleeping Lions [ft. In Gray] 12 Gamla Stan [with Francesco Sambero ft. Madeleine Wood] 13 Wanderlust
14 Meteorite

About Johan De Kock

Armed with a driving passion for top quality electronic music, Johan De Kock is firmly planted in the future, while tightly gripping to the gold the past had to offer, having caught one of the last buses to the "Glowstick Generation". While De Kock is most notably influenced by the Trance/Progressive sound of late 1990's, drawing inspiration from Artists like Paul Van Dyk, BT,Sasha & Digweed, Ferry Corsten, Breeder, Cass & Slide and Radio Shows by the likes of Derek "The Bandit" Richardson, Pete Tong, Judge Jules & Graham Gold. Johan believes pigeon holes are for pigeons, boxes for those who feel the need to restrict, and cages for the captured. As a producer,Johan De Kock has had releases ranging from Trance & Progressive music, to Electro, Techno, Breaks and Drum & Bass. working under various guises including: Johan de Kock, Samurai Slashed Wolf and Neway North, Diving Analogue and Jet Black Jac. Apart from his productions, Johan has held a DJ residency at Johannesburg Superclub Truth for the last 4 Years, As well as regular sets at H2O, and recent performances in Holland. Johan's music has gained support from some of the world's biggest DJ's including Armin Van Buuren (NL), Paul Oakenfold (UK), Paul Van Dyk (DE), John Askew (UK), Myon & Shane54 (HU), Ben Gold (UK),Andy Moor (UK), Judge Jules (UK), The Thrillseekers (UK), Alpha Duo (UK), Roger Shah (DE), Mike Saint Jules (US), Aurosonic (RU),Pedro Del Mar (DE),Ruben De Ronde (NL)

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