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[Review] Mayer & Obi – Anubis


The Recoverwold Label Group and its legendary Discover family of imprints are names synonymous with quality music. Since that’s what we’re after here on TranceMag, we’re taking a peek at the latest from Discover White Label.

Following a string of successful individual releases, Salvadorians Mayer and Obi decided the time was right to collaborate. Before we jump in and sample what’s on offer, let’s get to know them better.

Kazuki Guzmán, better known as Mayer, has managed to make quite the name for himself in a few short years. In terms of versatility, he’s covered Trance, House and even Electronica. His productions have appeared in the back catalogues of Blaya Music, Istmo Music, Dub Tech Recordings and Mashbuk Progressive, to name a few.

Pedro Flores is a someone with whom you should be familiar as followers of Recoverworld. Part of Salvadorian trio UP3, Pedro and his pals snuck in their track Balrog just before Discover Dark‘s massive anniversary album. Following that, Pedro  returned with a number of releases on Discover, Discover White Label and Discover Dark under his Obi alias.

Now that we’ve all been clued in, let’s see what has resulted from their collaboration.

Anubis is the Greek name for Anapa, the Ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife. Given the dark connotations, you’d think Mayer & Obi‘s collab would reflect that. And you would be correct.

Starting off calm, Anubis provides just cymbals and a subdued base line presence to entertain the listener. Moments later though, the heavy kick and acid combo hits you like a ton of bricks. Firmly anchoring things down, the base starts firing on all cylinders, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Transitioning to the break, the melody starts rearing its head, and the wonderful pads take control. Shy vocal chops get sprinkled throughout the breakdown, aiding in the creation of the solemn atmosphere. A subtle entrance from the gated lead hides the sheer euphoric bliss awaiting you at the other end.

Free of any restraint, Anubis finally opens up to its fantastic climax and unleashes its full power onto the unsuspecting listener. Between the acids, vocal chops and on point melody, the goose bumps were inevitably present.

Had they been able to get headphones back then, Anubis would’ve definitely been the namesake Egyptian god’s jam. A fittingly dark anthem for an equally dark deity.

Mayer & Obi‘s Anubis is out now, exclusively on Beatport, under Discover White Label. Listen to the sample provided and hit up the link below to purchase your copy. 🙂

Out now on Beatport  |  General Release: 09.05.2016

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Mayer: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud

Obi: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud

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