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TranceMag Interviews: Daniel Wanrooy

With major releases on some of the world’s leading Dance Music labels, including Black Hole, Spinnin’, Digital Society, Mix Mash, In Charge and Be Yourself,   Dutch DJ/Producer Daniel Wanrooy is no stranger to the world of EDM , while holding a very special place for the Trance we all know and love. This week, TranceMag caught up with him in the midst of a strenuous touring schedule to find out what makes him tick.

TranceMag: Let’s get started at the beginning. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into Dance Music.

Daniel Wanrooy: I started to mess around with the first tracker programs when I was 16. With these programs there was space for only 4 channels, so you had to be very creative to make something nice. Kick, bass, hihat, clap and that was about it. A few years later the trackers got 16 channels, so that opened up a lot of possibilities. Another few years later I switched to Reason, then I had my first release, back in 2001. My parents must have had an awful time with me making “noise” in the attic haha.

TM: When you’re not behind the decks, in studio or travelling to the next gig, where can we expect to find you?

DW: Even my “free” time I love to be in the studio. But, I also like to play football, I am midfielder in the team, we play on Sundays. Of course, I miss a lot of the games due to gigs, but they know that and they accept it. And I am not that hard to replace 🙂 Besides that I like to hang out with my friends, for PlayStation nights, FIFA tournaments. We are pretty fanatic. Also a nice show on Netflix is always good. Oh, and I try to go to the gym twice a week.

TM: You’ve been responsible for remixing some of clubland’s biggest names. Is there a specific remix that stands out to you as your personal favorite, and who would you love to remix in future?

DW: I have remixed Armin, Tiësto, Deadmau5, W&W, Sander Kleinenberg and many more. But I think my remix for Conjure One – Ghost, is one of my favorites. It’s deep and the vocals are amazing. Anything by Thom Yorke or Radiohead would be great!

TM: Is there something in the water, or are the Dutch just naturally talented when it comes to making Dance Music?

DW: It’s the water.

TM: If you never found music on the level that you did, where could you imagine yourself carving out a different career path?

DW: Yes, I am graduated as a graphic designer. So I think something in that area would have been my different career path I think.

TM: Who or what would you say is the biggest influence on your music?

DW: Travelling and meeting new people around the world is always inspiring. I am just back from Greece and Cyprus, I have met so many great people and back full of inspiration. I also met a great singer in Cyprus, we are working on a collab now.

TM: What’s playing on your car radio/ iPod/ smartphone right now?

DW: Haha, you won’t believe what’s all on there, a blend of all different styles, not that much EDM/Trance/Progressive or how you like to call it. Like I mentioned before, I really like Radiohead, so that’s on it, I always listen to it while travelling. Or Blake James – Retrogade, I can listen it on repeat for 200 times.

TM: What do think of the current state of Electronic Dance Music, and where do you see it going next?

DW: Trance is definitely coming back. They’ve said it for years, but now it really seems like it. Techno guys are starting to play Trance now. So I see a bright future for (progressive) Trance.

TM: Just got hold of your new single, and we absolutely love it! Tell us a bit about Beautiful World.

DW: Thanks so much! High Contrast is a label I always liked, I released there in the past and I signed more tracks with them. The headquarters are pretty close to my home so when I have new music I go there and we listen together. I made this one after my tour to Finland in April. Again, inspired by the travelling and the gigs.

TM: What does the immediate and distant future look like for Daniel Wanrooy?

DW: Something really exciting is coming in September, keep an eye on my social media for that. I signed new music to Black Hole, Armada and High Contrast, so there will be a lot more music. Besides that I have some great tours coming up next couple months. Also twice to Ibiza, really looking forward to go back.

Check out Daniel Wanrooy‘s brand new single Beta, out soon on Black Hole Recordings.

Thank you so very much to Daniel Wanrooy for giving us a peek into the everyday life of a top class producer.

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About Johan De Kock

Armed with a driving passion for top quality electronic music, Johan De Kock is firmly planted in the future, while tightly gripping to the gold the past had to offer, having caught one of the last buses to the "Glowstick Generation". While De Kock is most notably influenced by the Trance/Progressive sound of late 1990's, drawing inspiration from Artists like Paul Van Dyk, BT,Sasha & Digweed, Ferry Corsten, Breeder, Cass & Slide and Radio Shows by the likes of Derek "The Bandit" Richardson, Pete Tong, Judge Jules & Graham Gold. Johan believes pigeon holes are for pigeons, boxes for those who feel the need to restrict, and cages for the captured. As a producer,Johan De Kock has had releases ranging from Trance & Progressive music, to Electro, Techno, Breaks and Drum & Bass. working under various guises including: Johan de Kock, Samurai Slashed Wolf and Neway North, Diving Analogue and Jet Black Jac. Apart from his productions, Johan has held a DJ residency at Johannesburg Superclub Truth for the last 4 Years, As well as regular sets at H2O, and recent performances in Holland. Johan's music has gained support from some of the world's biggest DJ's including Armin Van Buuren (NL), Paul Oakenfold (UK), Paul Van Dyk (DE), John Askew (UK), Myon & Shane54 (HU), Ben Gold (UK),Andy Moor (UK), Judge Jules (UK), The Thrillseekers (UK), Alpha Duo (UK), Roger Shah (DE), Mike Saint Jules (US), Aurosonic (RU),Pedro Del Mar (DE),Ruben De Ronde (NL)

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