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TranceMag Interviews: Jochen Miller

This week, we got to catch up with one of the hardest working guys in Trance, the incredibly talented Jochen Miller. He proves that applying the same work ethic to his physical and mental state, certainly pays off in all areas, and when we listened to his current work, there was no doubt that statement rings true, now more than ever.

TranceMag: Thanks to a string of mega dance floor shaking tracks, Jochen Miller has become synonymous with peak time club music, but before you were known across the world for your incredible productions, you were born Jochen van der Steijn. Tell us a bit about how Dance music crossed your path, and how it became such a big part of who you are.

Jochen Miller: Music has always been a part of who I am, as I’ve always been around it. I practically grew up in the club my father owned, and that’s where I started practicing and playing when I was just a boy. So music in general has always been around, and I can’t imagine it not being around at any point.

TM: When you’re not behind the decks, in studio or travelling to the next gig, where can we expect to find you?

JM: Probably in the gym. I’ve been a very enthusiastic “cross-fit” fan for a couple of years now, and you cannot imagine how much that has helped me when it comes to endurance, strength and mindset. It is a fabulous way to keep both your physique and mental state strong and healthy. I’m also very competitive, so keeping score on the whiteboard at the end of a work-out helps me push my boundaries even more.

TM: You’ve successfully crossed between a multitude of genres, while still staying true to the Trance that people know you for.

JM: My need for energy in my work is the one thing that helps me keep my productions fresh. It’s the one thing you will always hear in a Jochen Miller production, no matter to what style that track has a tendency towards. I have a very broad taste in music, so I love to play with styles a little bit, as long as the base is Trance-orientated.

TM: You come from a country, synonymous with electronic music, with possibly the biggest selection of well known DJ’s and producers in the world. What do you do to stand out among such an over saturated market?

JM: That is not something you keep in mind when producing a track, you just put your heart and soul into it, and hope people will hear what you hear, and feel what you feel when they hear it.

TM: If you never found music on the level that you did, where could you imagine yourself carving out a different career path?

JM: Funny you should ask, as my education was in a totally different direction, I was trained to be a chef at school. So then I would probably be spicing things up, not on the floor, but in the kitchen;-)

TM: You’ve collaborated with some of the best producers around, is there someone specific you’d love to work with in 


JM: There’s always this bucket list of course, but I already feel very blessed with the collaborations I’ve done so far, some of them maybe craving a follow-up:-).

TM: What’s playing on your car radio/ iPod/ smartphone right now?

JM: A lot! I have the longest and most varied list you’ve ever seen! With the mandatory amount of Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, a hint of KSHMR and Zedd, and all the latest Trance smashers I put into my recent sets.

TM: What do think of the current state of Electronic Dance Music, and where do you see it going next?

JM: I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t changed a bit over the recent months, but maybe sometimes change is good. I love the fact that there seems to be a resurrection of the appreciation of melodies. I love to put as much melody and energy in my tracks as possible, so I hope that’ll shine through.

TM: Tell us a bit about your latest collaboration with Jes, called Head On

JM: When given the opportunity to work with Jes, I was over the moon, as I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since her track with Motorcycle “As the rush comes” was released. Jes has such a unique voice, I consider it a privilege to have worked on ” Head on” together.

TM: What does the immediate and distant future look like for Jochen Miller?

JM: In the immediate future I have a busy tour schedule, with some very nice festivals and clubs. In between these performances I will work on my tan a bit in Portugal:-) And in the distant future I hope things will continue to stay as exciting as they are today, with lots of great music!

Thank you. Cheers, Jochen.

A heartfelt, and massive thank you to Jochen Miller for letting us into what exactly makes him tick. To connect with Jochen, and keep up to date with his latest work, check the links below.

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About Johan De Kock

Armed with a driving passion for top quality electronic music, Johan De Kock is firmly planted in the future, while tightly gripping to the gold the past had to offer, having caught one of the last buses to the "Glowstick Generation". While De Kock is most notably influenced by the Trance/Progressive sound of late 1990's, drawing inspiration from Artists like Paul Van Dyk, BT,Sasha & Digweed, Ferry Corsten, Breeder, Cass & Slide and Radio Shows by the likes of Derek "The Bandit" Richardson, Pete Tong, Judge Jules & Graham Gold. Johan believes pigeon holes are for pigeons, boxes for those who feel the need to restrict, and cages for the captured. As a producer,Johan De Kock has had releases ranging from Trance & Progressive music, to Electro, Techno, Breaks and Drum & Bass. working under various guises including: Johan de Kock, Samurai Slashed Wolf and Neway North, Diving Analogue and Jet Black Jac. Apart from his productions, Johan has held a DJ residency at Johannesburg Superclub Truth for the last 4 Years, As well as regular sets at H2O, and recent performances in Holland. Johan's music has gained support from some of the world's biggest DJ's including Armin Van Buuren (NL), Paul Oakenfold (UK), Paul Van Dyk (DE), John Askew (UK), Myon & Shane54 (HU), Ben Gold (UK),Andy Moor (UK), Judge Jules (UK), The Thrillseekers (UK), Alpha Duo (UK), Roger Shah (DE), Mike Saint Jules (US), Aurosonic (RU),Pedro Del Mar (DE),Ruben De Ronde (NL)

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