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TranceMag Interviews: The Noble Six

Armed with a guitar in hand and a passion for music, Andrew Alexandrov a.k.a. The Noble Six, found his calling early in life. He discovered the sounds of Trance after hearing an episode of ASOT, and starting producing his own tracks. He has since become a familiar name, getting true lovers of Trance excited each time he announces a new release.

He’s respected as a musician, producer, DJ and person, and to kick off my first interview for TranceMag, I was very happy to sit him down and have a chat with him about his inspiration, his other love apart from Trance, and a little advice for those wanting to start out in Electronic Music production.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with TranceMag, Andrew. Very excited to learn more about the man behind so many quality productions, including Chemicals, which you just released this week.

Before we dive into the latest, though, let’s start at the beginning…

TranceMag: How’d you settle on ‘The Noble Six’ as your stage name? Did you ever consider using your given name?

The Noble Six: It’s actually inspired from a photo of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt where there are 3 big main ones and 3 smaller ones in the picture, and that’s how that came about. I’m really into ancient civilization/conspiracy stuff. I still think aliens built them! (cue x-files theme)

TM: Growing up in Vancouver, were there any influences from the British Columbian Province, or was music more of a personal interest?

TNS: It was definitely more of a personal interest, but Canada-wise there used to be an old show in the 90s/early 2000s called Electric Circus on Much Music (Canadian TV channel) in Toronto. I’m not sure if other Countries got it, but I would always stay up to catch that, they played everything from Trance/Techno/House. I had no idea what the music was even called at that time, but I absolutely loved it.

TM: A genre you love apart from Trance, is Metal, which makes a lot of sense given the intense energy present in both. Has Metal ever been something you considered pursuing as an artist?

TNS: Metal is definitely the other love of my life \o/. I’ve been playing guitar since early high school bands like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera were what I started on and it’s played a huge role in my life, couldn’t live without it. And I’ve actually got a band here in Vancouver called Undimmed you can see where the track name came from now 😉

TM: As with many others, I was blown away when I first heard Undimmed. Tell me the story behind that track.

TNS: Thanks dude! Ya so that track came about while I was just jamming on my amp at home. I made a particular patch on the amp that inspired it, literally seconds after jamming on the patch the riff came out. Sometimes certain sounds and tones can inspire the most. So I recorded that and the rest is history!

TM: Within the Trance scene in particular (in relation to other communities) there’s a welcoming and communal energy amongst its followers. Is this something that also attracted you to the genre?

TNS: There most definitely is, it really feels like a big family which is something I really love about it.

TM: You remixed Kyau & Albert’s timeless classic Kiksu to uplifting perfection. How did this remix come about?

TNS: I’ve always loved that track and really all of Kyau & Albert’s catalogue, I basically just decided to do a bootleg of it and it gained lots of support across the board, and I guess it finally reached Kyau & Albert’s ears. They loved it and they contacted me about releasing it on their Anniversary CD which I was more than stoked about!

TM: You’ve nailed the uplifting sound with tracks like Sunset in Dubai, Undimmed, and Oddworld. We’ve seen some techno influenced releases more recently, with the Chernobyl/Colony EP, and Cocoon. Is this an experimental phase, or can we expect more in future?

TNS: I love my techno that’s for sure! I’ve been following techno for just as long as trance and love it equally. There are definitely influences in those tracks from that and there will be more where that came from 100%. I really liked in the early days where every genre was one. Everyone from names like Tiesto and PvD for example were playing a mix of everything in their sets and there was no separation like there is nowadays.

TM: There seems to be an old-school influence in tracks like Meteora with its angelic vocals, and Chemicals with its hard-house character. Did tracks like these have any influence from the 90s/00s era? Do you have some favourite tracks from that era?

TNS: Oh man naming tracks from then is hard literally every track was something special! There is HUGE influence from that time in all of my tracks. If I had to name 5 of the biggest for me, and again it’s very hard to choose, I’d say –

Paul van Dyk – For An Angel

Robert Miles – Children

Chicane – Saltwater

Push – Strange World

Orbital – Halcyon On and On

TM: Who do you consider to be your most influential musician/artist?

TNS: Very hard question…Trance-wise I think I’d have to go with either Tiesto or PvD

TM: You gave your Australian fans an amazing performance recently as part of the Subculture Tour, but it wasn’t your first time. Which city has been a highlight for you? And what are your thoughts on the Australian Trance scene as a whole?

TNS: I absolutely love Australia, the crowd/fans are a rowdy passionate bunch. Always amazing no matter where in Aus you play, can’t wait to get back there!

TM: Do you have a regular hobby/interest outside of music?

TNS: Video games! Haha if I’m not working on or playing music you will find me playing video games, big nerd over here.

TM: Your very own The Noble Gathering podcast stopped about a year ago. Why was that? And can we expect a regular podcast from you in future?

TNS: I just didn’t have the time for it and was focusing more on making music. But there is a definite possibility of bringing that back!

TM: What would your advice be to those starting out in electronic music production?

TNS: To just make music they love and not to change for anyone. And it’s all about having a good imagination and a good ear which takes time to develop (the ear that is).

Great advice! Thank you for fitting this interview into your schedule Andrew, it’s been great chatting.

Thanks for having me man always a pleasure \o/

If you haven’t already, grab yourself a copy of his latest track Chemicals from Beatport, it’s an absolute tech monster!

Pyramid image via Wikipedia. Press pictures courtesy of The Noble Six.

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