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TranceMag Interviews: ReOrder

In 1999, Europe was introduced to a new Trance-only event called Trance Energy. In the following successful years, it gained cult status amongst its followers. After having been dormant for a number of years, it was with great excitement that we learnt of the news that…Trance Energy is back!

It will host the Trance stage at the biggest Dance Music festival in the world, Tomorrowland. I for one, can vouch for the amazing experience TE gives its followers, having experienced it in 2009 right here in Melbourne, Australia. It was one of the greatest festival experiences I have had, and I am part of the community that is ecstatic to hear of its return.

Following tradition, a 2x CD compilation will be released, mixed by veterans Svenson & Gielen, and new kid on the block, Tibor Tomecko aka ReOrder. We had the pleasure of talking with ReOrder about the album, himself as an artist, and himself as a person, and his passion for one of my favourite bands, “The Doors”.

TranceMag: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us Tibor, how was your recent South-East Asia tour?

ReOrder: Hey Chris, and all TranceMag fans thanks for having me here guys. It was really exciting tour. The tour was truly exciting. I had two amazing events lined up in Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi. Unfortunately, the first one mentioned was shut down by the government just 10 minutes before my mix. They took CDJs with them. It was bit of a shock, but apparently these things happen in Malaysia. I was really sorry for all the fans, but there was nothing we could do to make the show go on.

It was my debut in Hanoi the following Thursday, I was coming on stage after Aly & Fila with huge excitement I and can confirm it was immense experience. The crowd was just super energetic and to my surprise very educated. They do know and love their trance music and DJs.

TM: For many, Trance Energy has a sentimentality about it, having been an introduction to their love for Trance music, and what a well-orchestrated Trance experience can do. What does Trance Energy mean to you?

R: Trance Energy ever since it was introduced in 1999, was one of the reasons behind me deciding to go on in my pursuit of becoming a Trance producer and a DJ. I was only 15 years old when the first Trance Energy was held. As a young boy who only just started playing around with music production it was one of the biggest dreams to be part of it in future. Now it became reality. Now, Trance Energy is back and I have the honour to be part of it!

TM: How was it decided that you would be part of this compilation?

R: It was pretty simple. I was working on one of the tracks for my album, when an email came trough directly from Be Yourself Music, who is behind the compilation. The subject saying “ReOrder mixing the new Trance Energy CD” looked suspicious, as I know TE stoped years back and there were many who used their name to add credibility to their projects. But this was truly the team behind Trance Energy in search for a new & talented Trance artist to mix one of the CDs. I did not see it coming, and it still resonates in me that they picked me.

TM: There are multiple ways to compile a track list for a mixed album. How did you select your tracks?

R: Selecting the right tracks is always a bummer. There is so much great music being released to fit on one CD mix with limited 78 minutes of play time. It took me three weeks to scroll trough recent and upcoming tracks until I found the right ones that I truly liked and enjoyed.

TM: When you compile a mix like this, do you follow a certain structure? And is it important for you to manufacture a build up throughout, or is that less important?

R: I always follow my gut when it comes to mixes. Of course you don’t play lower bpm tracks while the fast ones are being played (though there are some exceptions:)) I imagined myself listening to the mix and what would I want to hear, what story would I want to experience from start to the end.

TM: One of the tracks was a collaboration titled “#Slovakboys”. As the title explains itself, you hail from Slovakia. Can you tell us a bit about it, and how it feels to represent your home country?

R: It is a huge privilege to even play on this festival in the first place. It is for some a once in a lifetime thing. To me it is twice as special because I am the first DJ from either Slovakia or Czech Republic who represents their country in the biggest festival in the world. So for me it is also a huge responsibility to show the world each of our small countries’ DJ skills trough music.

TM: You have mentioned that one of your influences was the iconic band The Doors.  Were The Doors part of your introduction to music? Are there any other bands of that era that had an impact on you?

R: I was always a big fan of 60s music. The Free Spirit era represents how I feel about the world. Love is in the air and we float with music. The Doors were bit of an outsider in those times; they did things their way and refused to listen to outside opinions. They were themselves despite what everyone asked of them. I myself am the same way, doing music my way, the way I like and love it.

TM:  It has been speculated that there’s been somewhat of a Trance resurgence which has helped catapult the genre’s popularity in the mainstream, and in the underground scene. What are your thoughts on this? And do you believe it has assisted in the first we’ve heard of Trance Energy in so many years?

R: We all see it clearly that Trance, even predicted to be “dead” year by year, is still here and stronger than ever. Young people are being drawn to more and more Trance events in search for a meaning trough Trance melodies and banging rhythm. I don’t know if Trance Energy will return as a sole event, but if there is a right time to do that, it is now.

TM: Svenson & Gielen have compiled a nostalgic plethora of classics for their compilation. Do any of these tracks have a special meaning to you?

R: Lot of the tracks on their CD influenced me as a Trance fan. Most of them actually are bound to a story that led to a certain decision, helped me trough many hard times in life, or sealed unforgettable memories and experiences.

TM: You tour with your fiancé Sarka quite a lot. It’s not something that is common, given the strenuous touring schedule for artists. As most would know, it can get quite lonely on tour and I’m certain this would help with that. How do you make this work with the heavy schedule, and do you two get an opportunity to experience the countries you perform at?

R: Well, despite what everyone thinks or says, we only have one life to live. I can’t imagine myself experiencing all those amazing events and exploring the beauties of our little planet without her by my side. It feels right to share these experiences and build wonderful memories that stay for life together. It is not easy sometimes, especially now when we are saving for our wedding, but as I said, we live only once.

TM: Will she be joining you at the Trance Energy stage for Tomorrowland?

R: I wouldn’t have her miss this one for sure.

TM: You’re a big fan of cooking. What is your favourite dish and/or cuisine?

R: I am. It became a hobby of mine, every time I need to put my thoughts together. I consider cooking as another form of art where you create something out of many elements. When put together right, it is almost like working on a track. It clears my mind and I get to eat something in the end. I am a big fan of Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Burgers, cup cakes and street food, especially in Asia.

TM: Aside from Trance, what are some other genres you are passionate about?

R: I really like Drum ‘n’ Bass, even used to DJ in a DnB act until deciding to go full on Trance in 2006. The flow of DnB is completely different from Trance. I also enjoy Classic Rock and 60s music.

TM: What is on the horizon for ReOrder?

R: At the moment I am working hard on my album that should have been finished a few months back. I just don’t want to rush it when it comes to my first artist album. After that, we are aiming for an Album World Tour with my manager Barry Almond. New collaborations are on the way with some of my favourite artists. Also, we are expanding with my READYFORDISORDER event to new places and larger stages. There is a lot to look forward to.

For your copy of Trance Energy 2017 mixed by Svenson & Gielen and ReOrder click here.

The Doors picture courtesy of cover layout, press photos courtesy of ReOrder, Trance Energy banner courtesy of Be Yourself Music.

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