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TranceMag Sessions 010 with Daniel Lesden

For this week’s episode, we are pleased to present Daniel Lesden.

Daniel is a versatile and promising artist, who has been on the music scene since 2011. He is a prolific musician, quality being the focus of both his Psy and Progressive Trance creations.

Tracks such as ‘Enuma Elish‘, ‘Another Earth‘, and his Cosmithex collaboration on ‘Genesis‘ (to name a few) perfectly reflect his authentic and diverse sound.
Aside from producing music, Daniel does A&R for JOOF Recordings and hosts his monthly Rave Podcast.

Each month, he features the best selection of Psy and Progressive Trance with guest mixes from both established and up-and-coming Psy DJs and producers.

We hope you enjoy his mix!


1. Amygdala – Soaring Flux (DJ Friendly Mix)
2. ID – ID
3. Talpa – Perfect Psychopath (Original Mix)
4. One Function – Yantra (Original Mix)
5. ID – ID
6. Lostly – Take This Acid (Original Mix)
7. Ectima – Immortalize (Original Mix)
8. Daniel Lesden – Surreal (Part 2)
9. Eddie Bitar & Javier Bussola – Absorb (Original Mix)
10. Daniel Lesden – Thru The Stars On Autopilot (Original Mix)
11. Side Effects – Mind Control (Original Mix)
12. Dual Resonance – Dune (Original Mix)
13. Nertum – Portal (Original Mix)


Connect with Daniel Lesden

Facebook – Soundcloud – Twitter

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